TextClock Version 2 – Part 2

In the previous article in this series we began the update of the TextClock app widget, lock screen widget, and daydream by selectively, according to OS version, updating the colours to match the new KitKat theme. In this article we’ll look at adding some animations.

Transition Animations – Part 4

Previously in this series we’ve looked at a few aspects of Transition animations, but all of the examples have comprised of the views being animated having a single, common parent. In other words, they are all children of the same parent layout. However, Android layouts are rarely as simple as the example layouts that we’ve…

Transition Animations – Part 3

In the previous article we looked at Scenes and how they can be used to encapsulate static view hierarchy states, however we’ve only looked at moving items around. In this article we’ll look at different use cases for our animations and see how we can use different transitions.

Presenter – Part 6

In previous articles in this series we have looked at the app that I used for my presentation at AndroidConf Brasil 2011. In this concluding part we’ll have a look at some of the animations that were used throughout the presentation.

Simple Animation – Part 3

In the previous articles we have looked at a couple of animation types and the stock interpolators that are available to us. Next we’ll look at the remaining animation types. You can get the source code for the project that we’re working on here. We’ve already encountered translate and alpha animations, and there are a…

Simple Animation – Part 2

In the previous article we got a simple animated transition working. You can get the previous source code here. It is worth pointing out that there are some stock animations available to us but, for some reason, in Android 2.3.3 only four are actually made public so that we can actually use them in our…

Simple Animation – Part 1

In this article we are going to be covering some simple animations in Android. In Honeycomb, Google introduced some new animation functionality, however given the relative scarcity of Honeycomb devices, we’ll focus on the animation tools that are available in earlier version of Android.