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It is with heavy heart that I must announce that Styling Android is on indefinite hiatus with immediate effect. Throughout 2021 I have been having to deal with increasing levels of piracy. I have been spending increasing amounts of time dealing with this. It has simply become too much.

Creating new content for Styling Android is not a trivial task. I also work full time and have to create content in my spare time. Trying to combat the increasing amounts of piracy has almost entirely eroded what little free time I have left. This week alone, I have had to deal with three new pirates who are stealing my content. I have run out of time to actually prepare a new article this week.

It is also incredibly stressful. Free time is the opportunity to recharge one’s batteries. I am simply not getting that at the moment – my weekends have become far more stressful than my working week. As a result, I’m recognising the early signs of burnout. Something has to change.

The only option that I can see is to stop creating content. This will free up a chunk of time for me. I also believe that it will starve the pirates. It won’t stop them from stealing from others. But I think that they’ll stop stealing from me if I don’t publish any new content for them to steal.

What next?

I honestly don’t know. In the short term, I need to take some time out to recover. After that, I might work on the side project that I’ve never had time for. Or I might explore other avenues for content creation that are harder for others to steal.

I thoroughly enjoy creating content. I wouldn’t have published a post every week for ten years if I didn’t. So, I think that I’ll want to do something, at some point. I just don’t know what, yet.

I have recently done two guest slots with Code With The Italians. I’ll certainly continue to do those if they want me.

Is this the end?

Once again, I honestly don’t know. I’ll continue to try and combat the pirates. If I find any new strategies which I feel can protect me, or reduce the workload if fighting the pirates, then I may resume blogging. I may also post occasional posts if the mood takes me, or I have subject matter which I feel the need to share.

But, for now, au revoir,


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  1. really sad to hear this.. as an android developer who’s been following your blog the worst thing one can experience is burnout. To further have these scumbags steal your content is even worse. Take care of yourself good sir. Your health comes first above everything else.

  2. So sad to hear that, but your health comes first. Thanks for all the content so far, I’ll keep watching this blog :).
    Get better friend.

  3. Hello Mark! Long time no see, apart from me reading your blog from time to time and working out magic in the UI thanks to your posts. Hope you will find the strength later on, thanks for all!

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