Maven and Android – Part 6

In the previous article we looked at the Maven build lifecycle. In this concluding part, we’ll have a brief tour of some of the more advanced things that we can do with Maven which may convince you that Mavenising your build can provide you with great benefits.

Maven and Android – Part 5

In the previous article we had a look at Maven repositories and saw how Maven can automatically retrieve artifacts from public repositories an put them in to our local one. In this article we’ll look at the Maven build lifecycle, and how we can use Maven to put our own artifacts in to repositories.

Maven and Android – Part 3

In the previous article looked at some errors that were occurring in our Maven build of an Android project. At the end it appeared that everything was now working, but in fact it was not. In this article we’ll look at how the Eclipse and Maven build processes work together in parallel.

Maven and Android – Part 2

In the previous article we installed Maven and some Android related tools, and got an existing project converted to a Maven build. We had an error because despite all of the tools we installed, Maven itself does not know how to build Android apps. In this article we’ll fix the build and begin to get…

Maven and Android – Part 1

Apache Maven is a build automation tool which does an awful lot more besides. I have used Maven for a number of years for server-side projects and think that it is a fantastic tool. I have tried it on a number of occasions for automating Android builds but always either hit problems, or just found…