Adapters – Part 5

Previously in this series we’ve looked at how to use Adapters in various ways, and how to keep the scrolling of our ListViews smooth. In this article, we’ll turn our attention to how to bind a ListView to data which is stored in a SQLite database.

Adapters – Part 4

In the previous article we looked at getting our ListView scrolling smooth by optimising the operations that we are performing in the getView() method of our Adapter. In this article we’ll look at adding images to each ListView item and consider the performance implications of doing that.

Background Tasks – Part 4

In the previous article we had a look at AsyncTask as saw how it simplified the process of performing background tasks, but saw some potential pitfalls to the newbie, and also saw how it leaves the potential to leak a Context. In Honeycomb Loader was introduced and in this article we’ll have a look at…