TextClock Version 2 – Part 6

In the previous article I covered the various solutions that I tried to resolve an issue that had developed within TextClock. The time is actually updating anything up to a minute later than it should be, and the problem was caused by internal changes to AlarmManager which were introduced in KitKat. In this article in…

TextClock Version 2 – Part 2

In the previous article in this series we began the update of the TextClock app widget, lock screen widget, and daydream by selectively, according to OS version, updating the colours to match the new KitKat theme. In this article we’ll look at adding some animations.

TextClock Version 2 – Part 1

In January 2013 I published the first article in a series on developing a TextClock app widget, lockscreen widget, and Daydream. At the conclusion of that series it was mentioned that TextClock would be revisited, and in this series we’re going to look at some changes that can be made to add some polish, and…

Text Clock – Part 8

Following on from last week’s minor detour, we’ll resume this series by adding another new feature that was introduced in Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean): Daydreams. A PC-style screensaver is not practical on a mobile device much of the time because on a mobile device you want to power down the display when the device is…

Text Clock – Part 7

In the previous articles in this series we’ve been looking at creating an extremely simple app which has been published to Google Play. Since the update covered in the last article (V1.1.0) was published a bug has been discovered in the app. In this article we’ll look at the tools available to developers to enable…

Text Clock – Part 6

In the previous article we fixed some subtle issues with the appearance of our App Widget. Next we’re going to look to extend out App Widget to include some features specific to newer versions of Android while maintaining backward compatibility.

Text Clock – Part 5

In the previous article we got our Text Clock widget telling the correct time, and it was published to Google Play. While the widget functions correctly, there are a couple of things that can be improved. In this article we’ll look at those and address them.

Text Clock – Part 3

In the previous article we got an app widget background displaying on the home screen, but it does not actually display any real data, which is somewhat useless! In this article we’ll look at displaying the time on our app widget.